Explore Memphis 2014

Programing (Partnerships)

S (Science) Lichterman, Pink Palace, Shelby Forest, Boy/Girl Scouts,

T (Technology) SIMS, Black Girls Code

E (Engineer) SIMS, Memphis Train Museum (Mr Oliver), Aerospace organization (booked by WHI, need to locate name), Chess organization

A (Arts) Dixons, Brooks, Agricenter, Church Healthcenter, Showagon , Pink Palace, Orpheum Summer Movies

M (Math) Church Healthcenter, Agricenter,

Programing (General Ideas Subjects)

S (Science) Chemistry, Animals, First Aid, Wildnerness Survival, Space, History, Archeology, Health/Fitness

T (Technology) Teen Tech, IPad, Podcasting, Web Design, Video Creation,

E (Engineer) Legos, Build Balloon Cars, Large scale Dominos (can at least show the other library videos), Chess

A (Arts) Language Art (reading, writing--Poetry), Art, Cooking, Anti-Bullying?, Library Movie Programs, Puppet Shows, Music programs

M (Math) Cooking, Coding, Financial Literacy, Money Skills, Budgeting,

Response (Evaluation)

S (Science)

T (Technology) Pictures, Facebook, Pinterest

E (Engineer) Game testing knowledge

A (Arts) Essay, Index Cards, Library Ambassador

M (Math)   Statistical Raking of books

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